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Kitsilano Real Estate

Kitsilano, otherwise known as “Kits”, is a beautiful sub-community in Vancouver located by the waterfront to the north and West 16th Ave to the south; Burrard Street to the east and Alma Street to the west. Kitsilano is filled with personality and culture, with its bright colours and great atmosphere. There are a collection of attractions including the famous Kitsilano Beach, a hot spot in the summer for families and different events. Kitsilano Beach often hosts volleyball tournaments, basketball tournaments, eventful parades, and many picnicking families. Around Kitsilano Beach, restaurants are all within walking distance, serving multicultural foods from organic foods to beers and burgers. 

In fact, if you are young or enjoy lifestyle shopping, this is the area for you. Along the road of West 4th avenue, you will find a number of outdoor clothing stores, boutiques, florists, skincare stores, and even local grocery stores. 

Kitsilano is definitely an area worth checking out if you are looking for a lively area to soak up the sun in the summertime!